Thursday, April 22, 2010

Public Reviews

I just watched a Michael Douglas film: "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt". I watched it for the only two reasons that it was an instant Netflix movie and that it had a description that sound like this: "Michael Douglas stars as corrupt district attorney Mark Hunter in this remake of Fritz Lang's noir classic about a reporter, C.J. Nicholas (Jesse Metcalfe), who sets himself up as the prime suspect in a murder he didn't commit in order to expose Hunter's misdeeds. Nicholas's plans go awry, however, when Hunter discovers the trap and destroys the evidence that would exonerate the cub reporter. Amber Tamblyn and Orlando Jones co-star."

Now this a movie you kind of have to see for what's to come next. Only after the fact can you truly appreciate the following: A wonderful review by a fellow Netflixer that I read AFTER I sat through the whole movie. A review that made me break out in ridiculous laughter attacks. Thank you Netflix user gkl 446015! Enjoy:

"I have never felt the need to write public reviews. My feelings, good or bad, were never strong enough to warrant one. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, however, is quite possibly the worst movie ever made. I have no idea how they got Michael Douglas to participate because ever aspect of this movie is awful: writing, acting, editing, lighting, directing... Anything that a movie can do poorly, this movie does poorly. Michael Douglas does great with his Michael Douglas-ness but the words he was given are just so dumb and terrible and awful. This movie has absolutely no redeeming qualities, I'm embarrassed for everyone involved in making it. The deep seeded hatred I have for this movie is difficult to fully convey but suffice it to say that by not renting this movie you are actively taking a step to better the overall quality of your life." - gkl 446015

OK, so maybe don't watch the movie. In case your ever made to watch it though, just come back and read this beautiful review again and you just might burst into tears from laughing so hard.

:0) Frieda Online