Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy

It is not good when someone young dies, no matter if they are a celebrity or not: When a celebrity dies though, one does not want to post a scandalous underwear pic of the missed one to remember the person that appeared on the movie screen. It feels weird. Nobody wants to say things either. Really we just want to grieve about the fact that there will be no new film appearance of that actor ever. We identify the situation with our personal losses and in that way grieve for the lost star that we really never knew.

I will miss Brittany Murphy much. She was marketed well to me as the female under 30 viewer and I feel like I knew her, even though we never met.

I hope there will be no bad publicity affecting Brittany after her death. When they do her autopsy and find scandalous causes of death, people should have the decency to just shut up in front of the reporters. Maybe they already have. Thanks for that!

Frieda Online :0)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Negotiating for You?

So they finally have come up with some agreements at the green meetings in Copenhagen, the wonderful "Copenhagen Report", but really this just states a lot of things they should do, not what they will do, kinda funny really. Here is a little sneak, before you might not read the whole thing :0)

6. We recognize the crucial role of reducing emission from deforestation and forrest degradation and the need to enhance removals of greenhouse gas emission by forrest and agree on the need to provide positive incentives to such actions through the immediate establishment of mechanism including REDD-plus, to enable the mobilization of financial resources from development countries.

Now kids, lets go and get those 3rd world countries ;0)))

Lets hope Yemi Katerere will do a good job influencing all the world leaders while
trying to support the little countries and holding on to the promised words in the "Copenhagen Report".

And then there is the 13 year old from last year that truly tried to make things happen,
but happenings are not so common apparently...

Merry Christmas everyone!
:0) Frieda Online

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I went to a little house party last night and ran into an amazing artist, Shawn Button. Just wanted to share one of his paintings here. Self portrait bathing in fruit loops :0)

Frieda Online

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Publicity Stunts vs. News

Somewhat recently the white house was crashed by a couple that supposedly was not on that little invite list the white house has for the annual state dinner. The media was freaking out. The press made it seem like
Michaele and Tareq Salahi really crashed the white house festivities and that the secret service had done a horrible job. Somehow this all feels like a really good publicity stunt to me, one that will soon develop into a reality show and nobody in the actual public ever would know what hit them. Slowly, slowly, over days the media has dragged this out and slowly actual facts of the so called "crash" come to light. Of course there was a background check done and, yes, people responsible for making these lists at the white house knew who this couple was. The bigger story would be, who really pulled the strings and how much were they paid? I smell a reality show with an amazing marketing team...

Along with the whole Tiger Woods drove into a fire hydrant on private property these were THE headlines on the news during Thanksgiving and up to this day.

While we were listening to these oh so important happenings over and over while filling our bellies with turkey, somehow actual news slipped past us:
Aminatou Haidar for example was on a hunger strike over Thanksgiving almost about to die while fighting to not be exiled by her home country Morocco as she fights for independence as a Western Saharan citizen. She has been in the Tenerife airport on the Canary Irelands these past 3 weeks waiting for the right to see her children again.

Fake news should only go so far and that`s that!

Frieda Online