Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy

It is not good when someone young dies, no matter if they are a celebrity or not: When a celebrity dies though, one does not want to post a scandalous underwear pic of the missed one to remember the person that appeared on the movie screen. It feels weird. Nobody wants to say things either. Really we just want to grieve about the fact that there will be no new film appearance of that actor ever. We identify the situation with our personal losses and in that way grieve for the lost star that we really never knew.

I will miss Brittany Murphy much. She was marketed well to me as the female under 30 viewer and I feel like I knew her, even though we never met.

I hope there will be no bad publicity affecting Brittany after her death. When they do her autopsy and find scandalous causes of death, people should have the decency to just shut up in front of the reporters. Maybe they already have. Thanks for that!

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