Saturday, December 19, 2009

Negotiating for You?

So they finally have come up with some agreements at the green meetings in Copenhagen, the wonderful "Copenhagen Report", but really this just states a lot of things they should do, not what they will do, kinda funny really. Here is a little sneak, before you might not read the whole thing :0)

6. We recognize the crucial role of reducing emission from deforestation and forrest degradation and the need to enhance removals of greenhouse gas emission by forrest and agree on the need to provide positive incentives to such actions through the immediate establishment of mechanism including REDD-plus, to enable the mobilization of financial resources from development countries.

Now kids, lets go and get those 3rd world countries ;0)))

Lets hope Yemi Katerere will do a good job influencing all the world leaders while
trying to support the little countries and holding on to the promised words in the "Copenhagen Report".

And then there is the 13 year old from last year that truly tried to make things happen,
but happenings are not so common apparently...

Merry Christmas everyone!
:0) Frieda Online

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