Thursday, October 15, 2009

Biosphere 2 - Blog Action Day 2009

On September 21st 1991 eight people entered an experiment called "Biosphere 2". "Biosphere 2" was a completely sealed 3 acre structure made by men that essentially resembled a miniature Biosphere of the world we live in.
It was build to make the eight people inside of it completely independent from the world we know (Biosphere 1). The people inside had a miniature rain forest, an ocean, a desert and everything else that exist in our world today including multiple carefully measured bacteria that were put in their Biosphere 2 environment to keep them alive.
The group that lived in "Biosphere 2" made their own food by growing fruits and vegetables on their miniature farm. They stayed alive for so long inside this man made, completely sealed off area by carefully measuring and understanding the environment that surrounded them.

Jane Poynter was one of the people that lived in "Biosphere 2" for '2 years and 20 minutes'. She said that she 'literally became part of "Biosphere 2", giving the example that the CO2 that she breathed out became part of the sweet potatoes she was growing'.
(Watch her presentation here).

Now, isn`t that a thought people: We eat what we put into our Biosphere, our world we live in. Of course our "experiment" as of how much waste we can put out before we suffocate or die of malnutrition will last much longer, as our Biosphere is much bigger than "Biosphere 2" back in 1991. Aren`t we just a little crazy to see what we do to ourselves and that we do not do anything about it?

It is your world, your air and your life! Things are meant to be of quality! Things are meant to be fun! So here are some fun things to do with friends and by yourself that actually help you breath better at the same time:

  • Visit your local farmers market and buy locally grown vegetables and fruit. (It`s a fun thing to do with a friend and it`s good for the environment as transportation costs are low).
  • Turn off your TV and Computer completely when you are not in the room. Even better: Make the choice to turn of all electrical equipment in your house for 30 min before you go to bed and just relax lying on your bed, thinking about the day. This helps to reduce stress.
  • Remove yourself from Junk Mail mailing lists! Nobody needs all the useless letters trying to sell you stuff or trying to coax you into applying for the newest credit card. Removing yourself from Junk Mailing Lists will give you extra room in your mailbox and will save paper! (Remove yourself here).

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