Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two Touch

Touch is one of the most important things in life. Being touched emotionally might put you in a creative state of mind or you feel connected to someone because of it. Being touched by someone you like physically helps you heal or just relax from the day (which in my opinion is a form of healing as well). Many studies have been conducted on the human touch and how important it is to newborns to be held and cared for over long periods of time.

Our skin is the biggest organ we have and sometimes we forget about it as the place to start when it comes to healing the soul.

As kids we want to touch and feel everything but by the time we are adults we have learned to obey the rule: "Don`t Touch".

"All too often accidental touching, especially in public embarrasses us. Even an innocent handshake, if too prolonged, can be misconstrued as an invitation to a sexual encounter. Women are generally freer about hugging each other and holding hands. But if a woman is naturally tactile with men, her behavior can be easily misunderstood. Traditionally, a woman is taught to control any display of affection that could be interpreted as sexual; except with her partner.

Various studies have shown that when someone else gently holds a person's wrist, heartbeat slows and blood pressure declines. Children and adolescents, hospitalized for psychiatric problems, show remarkable reductions in anxiety levels and positive changes in attitude when they receive a brief daily back rub."

So please just take care of yourself and the body you are given: Touch is essential for life!

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