Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forbes "Hot" Holiday Toys

Rubiks Touch Cube, TechnoSource, $149.99

An updated electronic version of '80s classic. Instead of twisting, a player swipes a finger across the squares to reach the next sequence. Feeling stuck? The Touch Cube will even give hints for the next move.

Apparently these would be some of the hottest toys I could buy my kids if I had them. Remember the days where a whole table was involved in the task of figuring out the next move on the Rubiks Cube? Not anymore... the new computerized version will give you hints to solve the puzzle so nobody has to go through the drag of communicating with each other anymore. Finally! Another good game made for the unsocial child we love.

Also, please buy one of the dolls above for your daughter, so she can start comparing herself at an early age to role models the fashion industry provides for us :0).

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