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"The builders of feminism never consulted men universally to get their approval and cooperation on the idea of feminism. Feminism was virtually a unilateral move by females seeking to fascistically push and impose on men something that is overwhelmingly against their will and their genetically-determined nature." John C. Garrison
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It is 2009. I am a married woman. My husband might belong to a different race than mine. I share a car with my husband that we own under my name. He owns a house that is considered ours. We have a shared account that we deposit both our paychecks on. Some months he makes more money than I do other month I make more money than he does. We live together and respect each other in our qualities. I have the right to go to the doctor and have a birth control pill prescribed to me. I can buy condoms in the store when I want and where I want and he can do the same. If a condom that we used was ever to rip, we could go to a doctor and have the pill after prescribed to us, if we weren`t ready for a child.
When I have my paycheck in my hands I have a choice. I can do anything I want with that check. I can choose to buy a roof over my head, a new pair of shoes or the newest computer out there. Nobody would question any of that as I am a woman living in the United States during the year of 2009.

Thinking about my grandma, who was born in the year of 1929, exactly 80 years ago.. no such luck of freedom. Until 1965 contraception was officially declared to be illegal for everyone in Connecticut. This applied to the contract of marriage. That means in the year 1949, when my grandma got married at the age of 20 she did not have the choice to use any form of birth control. Yes, the use of condoms became legal in 1918 (which was only a little over 90 years ago), but it was not until the year of 1965 that this law applied to the state of Connecticut!
There was no personal choice in what she wanted to do at that time. The law said: Your purpose is the household and kids and that`s how it was.

It wasn`t until 1960 that the first FDA approved birth control pill hit the market. It was 100% effective, but had terrible side effects like life threatening blood clots. Eventually it was realized that the initial dose was 10 times too high.

In 1967 (only 42 years ago) interracial marriage was allowed, even when not socially accepted everywhere even until today.

Now at this point one would think the sexual liberation has ended, everyone is on the same page and has equal rights... Not in Massachusetts where it was not until the year of 1972! that unmarried couples could walk legally into a store and buy any form of birth control. It was illegal to buy birth control if you weren`t married! It took William Bard to be charged with a felony for distributing contraceptive foams during lectures on population control at Boston University to make birth control legal to everybody under Massachusetts law. "Under Masachusets law, contraceptives could be distributed only by registered doctors or pharmacists, and only to married persons." (wiki)

Finally, not until the year of 1998 the first emergency contraception pill was approved by the FDA!

Can I just say that for myself in this whole development over time I feel a sense of freedom. It is a freedom of choice that is given to me by fellow women that fought hard for all of these rights in the past. These so called feminists that went through times of being arrested for taking control over their simple human rights.

Please "forgive" them if they did not ask for the male permission on what they have achieved. Please "forgive" all the feminists that have fought so hard if they "imposed on men something that is overwhelmingly against their will and their genetically-determined nature".

We are in the year of 2009 for anyone that has not realized that!

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