Thursday, September 24, 2009

Julianos Raw

Nectarines are an amazing fruit. I just had 3 in a row and the sugar high made me want to write:
I am inspired! I helped out a friend of mine on a small production exactly a week ago to the day. Our shoot location happened to be the raw food restaurant "Julianos Raw" in Santa Monica. We actually were there to do an interview with the owner Juliano himself. Amazing! I had not been inspired in a while to watch out for myself and the body that I have. At "Julianos Raw" any dish that is made is vegan and raw. Salads are only a small part of the menu though... when we were done shooting we ordered Seafood Pasta, Lasagna, a Hamburger and chocolate desert all vegan and nothing heated over 115 Degrees and all made out of nuts seeds, fruit and vegies and super healthy!
Go to: to learn more :0)

Thank you guys :0)

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