Friday, September 25, 2009

Whitney Thompson weight?

It is incredible how focused we are as a society when it comes to the weight of a woman. Doing a little research on "plus size" models I came across Whitney Thompson, who was the first woman to ever win "Americas Next Top Model" as a plus size model. Having found her name as part of an article I typed "Whitney Thompson" into the Google search engine. I got as far as "Whitney Th..." when the search engine suggested "Whitney Thompson weight", meaning that this was one of the most searched items related to her name. I of course can not be sure of this, but I am almost certain that over 80% of those searches where probably conducted by women. How come we are so obsessed to try to label each other through a number on a scale? I want to blame the media and the crazy role models they present to us.

I remember when I was younger I was obsessed with my weight for the longest time. I looked at the Celebrities and it comforted me to read an article in a magazine where specific heights and weights of female stars where given. That way I was able to compare myself. I was able to find out what I should look like and what I should weigh at the height I was at.
I was always pretty tall for my age and people sometimes made comments like: "You should be a model." That`s how I got into reading model magazines and bombarding myself with hard facts of the modeling industry. One magazine I had said that a model should never weigh more than 125 pounds. I was over! In order to ever succeed I had to loose 5 pounds. I was 12 at the time and there was not an inch of fat on my body!

Now, I have had some insight into the craziness of make believe when I was a sports model for a brief period in my life. I am almost 6 feet tall and in my best and slimmest condition the lowest my scale ever dropped to was 155 pounds and that fluctuated up and down varying up to 8 pounds a day.
When you go out as a model to castings you have a sed card which indicates your current weight and height and measurements. Mine lied! My agency knew what I weighed and they loved the way I looked, but just for the heck of marketing me better they dropped 20 pounds of my real weight on my sed card: 135 lbs. I have never weighed that in my whole life after the age of 14!

I tried to just for fun see what would happen if I would search "Brad Pitt weight" and sure enough as a first result I got: "Jolie loosing weight to get Pitt`s attention". Really!?

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