Monday, September 28, 2009

"Latisse" -the fear factor- get those lashes you never knew you were missing

We know from every eye cosmetic commercial, that a woman in the 21st century needs to have thicker, darker and longer eyelashes to survive. It is essential like the newest slim drink and the anti depressant pill ads delivered in the same commercial break.

If in the last week you have watched TV for an hour or even if you tried to catch the latest show on the internet, there is no avoiding the "Latisse" Commercial, a beauty product, promoted by Brook Shields, that helps Patients control Glucoma, which is a disease of the eye that can lead to blindness... Wait... What?

Am I lying about the product? No! It is true that Brook Shields is promoting "Latisse", but instead of "Latisse" being marketed as a medical drug to help Glucoma Patients it is sold to us as the ultimate product every woman had been waiting for:

"Latisse - the first FDA approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller and darker". (Quoted exactly how it is written on the "Latisse" Webpage).

I just could not stop laughing while writing down their websites quote just now :0)

Common! It is one thing to sell us crazy pills to slim down our figure that everyone knows have side effects, but it is another to actually try to make me believe that I have "Eyelash Hypotrichosis". Just for everyone that was not informed about this scary condition and what it is (I was not until 5 minutes ago) here a little info on the word "Hypotrichosis" by itself:

"Hypotrichosis is a condition of abnormal hair growth. It occurs, most frequently, by the growth of terminal hair in areas of the body that normally produce vellus hair. Typically, the individual's hair growth is normal after birth, but shortly thereafter the hair is shed and replaced with sparse, abnormal hair growth. The new hair is typically fine, short and brittle, and may lack pigmentation. Baldness may be present by the time the subject is 25 years old". (Wiki)

Acording to the "Latisse" info "Hypotrichosis" is "another name for not having full or inadequate eyelashes".
Funny enough the so called "condition" of "Eyelash Hypotrichosis" is something that by definition did not exist before "Latisse" was aproved by the FDA, hit the market and had to scare us into buying their product, which by the way only costs you 120 bucks a month.

Yup, that`s right: Why buy the good old mascara for 10 Dollars when you can have some major side effects like eyelid skin darkening, redness of the eye or an "increased brown iris pigmentation which is likely to be permanent" for only $ 120 a month.

Just for kicks I wanted to include some of the prescription information content information right here, which may just make you want to stir away from this product for good:

8.1 Pregnancy

There are no adequate and well-controlled studies of

bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% administration

in pregnant women. Because animal reproductive

studies are not always predictive of human response,

LATISSE™ should be administered during pregnancy

only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to

the fetus.

8.3 Nursing Mothers

It is not known whether LATISSE™ solution is

excreted in human milk, although in animal studies,

bimatoprost has been shown to be excreted in breast

milk. Because many drugs are excreted in human milk,

caution should be exercised when LATISSE™ is

administered to a nursing woman.

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